Many Jasper Co. students return to the classroom Monday

Many Jasper Co. students return to the classroom Monday

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - For the first time since Thanksgiving, it wasn’t just teachers walking down the hallways in Jasper County. Students are back in the classroom and ready to learn.

“Having them back is actually comforting. Seeing those kids face-to-face makes it easier to build those relationships with them,” History teacher Lee Sulhan said.

School looked a little different Monday in Jasper County. Many students are back in the classroom - socially distanced and taking precautions, but face-to-face.

“We can ensure that they are actually getting those assignments completed. That’s always going to be our goal with our students,” Principal Eugene Bellamy Jr. said.

Despite students return, staff at Hardeeville Middle School says things are still challenging.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s a lot easier because our teachers are still dealing with having students in person and virtual. So, we are working through teaching virtually and with students in a classroom at the same time.”

“I put my computer up, I mean, I pull my computer up on the screen so that way everybody can see me, and I put my camera on top so they can see the whole room.”

No matter what tactics teachers use, they are still trying to teach in two ways to one group.

“But it is a little difficult sometimes. Making sure that you can reach all the kids online and reach the kids in the classroom at the same time.”

About one third of Hardeeville Middle students are back in the classroom. 186 to be exact. Sulhan only has five students in his first period.

“Personally, I would rather have them in person. But I understand why some kids decided not to come back,” Sulhan said.

And the decision parents made this week is the decision that will be made for the rest of the semester. So, students that are online and the students that are in-person are going to be learning like that for the rest of the year.

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