Pooler working on traffic plan for area near new Costco site

Traffic is expected to be an issue which is why the city is hoping to get ahead of the problem

Pooler working on traffic plan for area near new Costco site

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - Just last week Pooler City Council unanimously voted to approve a site plan for Costco on the south end of the city.

But with a major development could come some major backups on the road.

“We’re not a rural place anymore,” said Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton.

The City of Pooler is growing, and with the recent announcement of Costco coming to the south side, one thing has become more clear than ever before, “we need the traffic improvements,” Mayor Benton says.

Something the city officials like Fire Chief Wade Simmons are well aware of.

“We’re working on it. It is a slow process, but improvements are on the way.”

Of course, traffic is an expected side effect of growth.

“If you want services, you’re going to have to have some traffic, but we believe we can take care of it,” said Mayor Benton.

In fact, just last week the city got to see some of the proposed traffic flow changes to the area around the new Costco, adding medians and adjusting turn lanes.

Proposed Traffic Changes on Blue Moon
Proposed Traffic Changes on Blue Moon (Source: City of Pooler)
Proposed Traffic Pattern Westbrook Lane
Proposed Traffic Pattern Westbrook Lane (Source: City of Pooler)

Helping to smooth the traffic patterns, and more importantly for Chief Simmons, keep everyone safe.

“The important thing is traffic count. People think about sitting in traffic and it takes 10 or 15 minutes, but what they don’t think about is it effects public safety, police and fire. It drives our call volume.”

Making sure they do it right, which will take time.

With Costco expected to be built by Spring or Summer of 2022, the roadwork may not be fully completed.

“It’s going to take several years. We’re going to have the traffic before we have the solutions,” said Mayor Benton.

But despite the headache that comes with traffic, Mayor Benton feels when it’s finally all said and done.

“It’s worth it to improve our community, to have better access, to have safer access.”

Mayor Benton says the money for the traffic improvements will come out of SPLOST.

The city is expecting to see a completed traffic study of the area by the end of this month which will then be voted on by council.

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