Beaufort County schools sees decrease in quarantine data from January

Beaufort County schools sees decrease in quarantine data from January

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - WTOC first reported in January that 1,000 students had been quarantined in the Beaufort County School District.

Today, the district is still dealing with several quarantines but they say that doesn’t mean there are several positive cases.

When the semester started the school district said it would not be afraid to quarantine an entire class or even an entire grade. And they had to follow through with that when over 1,000 students from across the district were quarantined at the end of January.

Today only a handful of students are in quarantine. When you take a look at the district’s quarantine data from last week, you can still see several students and staff members are in quarantine across the district. The school district says they are unsure of how many positive cases resulted in late January’s mass quarantine.

“We don’t know if there have been any positive cases that have resulted from that. One of the things that we are just super excited about is as we are being aggressive with regard to our quarantines, our instructional continuity plan really allows for young people to continue their instruction without any interruption,” said Duke Bradley, Deputy Superintendent of Beaufort County School District.

The district says they believe in the data they are seeing that says schools are not as dangerous as they were once thought to be. And they are confident in their decision making.

“So what we really want parents and families to know is that when you see increased quarantine numbers it’s not necessarily a reflection of the infection spread within the school community, it’s really a reflection of how diligent we’re being in our efforts to try to keep everyone safe,” said Bradley.

The district says they will continue to keep every precaution in place and they say they will be careful anytime there is a possible exposure.

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