Evans County African American Archive Museum reopening

Evans County African American Archive Museum reopening

CLAXTON, Ga. (WTOC) - February is Black History Month. That has many communities looking back at the journey that’s brought them to today.

In Claxton, there’s a new site that honors the local past and keeps memories alive.

The Evans County African American Archive Museum opened last spring, just as COVID shut it and other things down. Now, they’re reopening and hoping to share this with their community and beyond.

An old school library houses pictures and stories dating back a century. Much of it revolves around the schools that taught African American students here.

The building was constructed as an equalization school during the segregation era. The museum pays tribute to teachers and students of what was Evans County High.

“A lot of work went into collecting, preserving, and just finding all the information,” Curator Louise Wilkerson said.

It chronicles decades classes, sports teams and the culture of the community. Members of the school’s alumni association bought the school building years ago to be a community center and now include a museum that teaches future generations about the struggles of the past.

“We try to do things to show our young people the historical journey of our people here in Evans County,” Evans County High Alumni Association Patricia Milton said.

The museum brings the history full circle for Wilkerson and other alumni. She serves as Evans County High’s librarian.

“I spent 25 years plus in this one room and saved everything I could get my hands on.”

The ladies say they plan to grow this museum already with boxes of history they haven’t even displayed yet.

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