DHEC holds vaccination event in Ridgeland

DHEC holds vaccination event in Ridgeland

RIDGELAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Hundreds of people over the age of 65 were able to come to Ridgeland and get their first COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s part of DHEC’s plan to bring more vaccination events to the rural areas of South Carolina.

“It was amazingly easy.”

“It feels great. It didn’t hurt at all. It’s wonderful to have it over with.”

After searching for an open COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

“My son had tried repeatedly to get an appointment and he finally got one here.”

Many Lowcountry residents over the age of 65.

“Well, I’m 75 but I look much younger under the mask. Were able to come and get their COVID-19 vaccine today.”

“We filled out some paperwork first and then you went into the nurse, got your shot, then he went to another area and waited 15 minutes.”

“It was a very good experience. Painless, very safe, you wait 15 minutes to say that you don’t fall over and I’m still standing so, it’s great.”

For many Lowcountry residents getting the vaccine is a huge relief. Especially in the more rural areas of South Carolina where there is not as much access to hospitals.

“I find all these vaccines are miracles. All you do is inject what looks like liquid into you and it has the ability to fight this invisible virus. Which really is remarkable.”

Emergency management in Jasper County says DHEC hosting successful vaccination events at the health department is a good sign as the vaccine roll out continues across the country. They are hoping they are able to host more events as the governor expands into phases one B and C.

Anyone who did come out and get their first vaccination today automatically got their second appointment registered so they will be fully vaccinated by mid-March.

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