SCCPSS celebrates school counselors & CTAE teachers

The drive up celebration highlighted the hard work of these educators throughout the pandemic

SCCPSS celebrates school counselors & CTAE teachers

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - On Monday Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools joined others across the nation to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of Career, Technical & Agricultural Education or CTAE for Career and Technical Education Month.

The drive-through parade gave them a chance to simply say thank you to all the teachers who have gone above and beyond this year. But the curbside event wasn’t just for teachers.

National School Counselors Week is also in the month of February, honoring a group that has had to adapt and find new ways to offer support to students of all ages.

It’s a challenge they’ve risen to and are prepared for whatever lies ahead.

“All of our teachers and counselors are out here and we’re celebrating them and what they do,” said CTAE Director for the Office College and Career Readiness Dr. Angie Lewis.

It’s offering them a bright spot in what has been a challenging year.

“It has been really, really hard. We have been asking our educators and our counselors to work under difficult situations,” said Dr. Lewis.

While the work of our teachers can be easily seen on a daily basis, unfortunately the same isn’t often said about school counselors.

“A lot of things that counselors do aren’t always seen. It’s behind the scenes,” said SCCPSS School Counseling Director Kimberly McGuire.

Adapting quickly, “we’ve had to learn to do things in a very short period of time so that we can adjust to serve students in the best way possible,” McGuire said.

School counselors have served their students in new and unique ways.

“Going out on home visits, showing parents how to hookup their hotspot devices,” McGuire said.

And counselors help them adjust to a new way of learning, and eventually, will help them adjust back.

“Just with helping students to reengage and be okay with being back in a classroom environment. Being okay with expressing those fears because they have not been in those settings for over a year,” McGuire said.

So, while this was a nice break, and a more than deserved bit of gratitude, it would seem a counselor’s job is never done.

“I think it’s a great thing but even when they leave here it’s right back to work. It doesn’t stop,” laughed McGuire.

Just a reminder SCCPSS students identified as Least Independent Learners will return to in-person instruction on February 17

All other students who selected in-person instruction will return to class in their assigned cohort beginning February 22.

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