Savannah bakery celebrates Fat Tuesday with sweet treats

Baker’s Pride Bakery once again dished out some Mardi Gras favorites
Baker's Pride Bakery King Cake
Baker's Pride Bakery King Cake(WTOC)
Updated: Feb. 16, 2021 at 4:25 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Fat Tuesday is a busy day for Baker’s Pride Bakery in Savannah.

Customers came running, coming and going with sweet treats on their mind. Of course, this wasn’t too surprising to Baker’s Pride Bakery Owner Al Lang.

“They were ordering them before Valentine’s Day.”

Customers going big, which meant some serious dough for Baker’s Pride

“Like 280 pounds of dough.”

Along with 120 pounds of glaze and 60 pounds of Mardi Gras colored sugar. All to prepare roughly 350 Mardi Gras treats.

Making sure customers like Courtney Rawlins got what they wanted.

“It is Mardi Gras and so we are picking up a King Cake of course!”

Whether you choose King Cake or a Paczki, it’s hard not to indulge.

“Well I’m far already so might as well have a cake,” joked Rawlins.

Even if you aren’t proud of it.

“What’s the most you’ve eaten on Fat Tuesday?”

“Oh, I’m ashamed to say. Four, I’ve eaten four paczkis at once,” said Gerald Kenward

You’ll get no judgement from Baker’s Pride.

“Well, you got to have a cheat day,” said Lang.

Although Mardi Gras looks different this year, if you look a little closer you may find there’s still something pretty sweet about the day.

“They’re really good so we enjoy them. It’s like, “Here’s some more. Oh, did you break that one? Okay I’ll eat it for you,’” joked Lang.

Lang said the biggest adjustment this year was making smaller portions because there were less big parties.

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