Savannah mayor speaks about possible St. Patrick’s Day restrictions

Savannah mayor speaks about possible St. Patrick’s Day restrictions

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Tuesday Savannah Mayor Van Johnson was asked what other changes might be in the works in addition to already cancelling the Saint Patrick’s Day festival and not granting permits for other big holiday events.

Tuesday being Mardi Gras, but a much different one in New Orleans with bar closures and other restrictions, Mayor Johnson was asked at today’s news conference if Savannah had similar plans for the days surrounding Saint Patrick’s Day.

Mayor Johnson says he’s been approached about just that, and added as far as he’s concerned at this point all options are on the table. The Mayor says the City will need to make a decision on any kind of restrictions on businesses based on the community COVID-19 positivity rate, which right now is at 13 percent, according to Mayor Johnson.

“No decisions have been made yet. It depends on our positivity rates. We might, possibly, be in a situation to limit the operation of some establishments during that time,” said Mayor Johnson.

While it was debated by Savannah City Council last year, there was no move to enforce any kind of curfew the weekend leading up to Saint Patrick’s Day.

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