Why you should keep wearing a mask after you’ve been vaccinated

Why you should keep wearing a mask after you’ve been vaccinated

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - South Carolina has officially given out over 650,000 vaccines, but they are far from done. And those that have gotten the vaccine may be wondering what to do now.

As more and more people get the COVID-19 vaccine, a lot of people are wondering the same question—do you or do you not need to continue wearing a mask?

“You most certainly should continue to wear a mask. And the CDC and South Carolina DHEC both recommend that,” said Carley Gilbert, Infection Preventionist.

Infection Preventionist Carly Gilbert says after you get a vaccine you need to keep wearing your mask. Mainly because the time period when you are immunized varies depending on which vaccine you get and your overall health.

“There is a time period within when you receive the vaccine to when your immunity builds up,” said Gilbert.

She says wearing a mask not only prevents you from getting sick but it prevents those around you from being infected while you are potentially contagious. She says wearing a mask is especially important as we don’t know when herd immunity will be reached.

“With a vaccine supply currently, it’s indeterminate,” she said.

Any time someone comes to her with a question about whether or not people should continue to wear masks, she has one message

“Just stay vigilant. Stay the course. We’ve been doing this for a very long time. Other than a mask it’s nothing different than what we’ve been doing to protect ourselves from the common cold and from the flu. Now we just have to continue to keep our social distance,” said Gilbert.

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