Beaufort Co. School Board approves bonus for school employees

Beaufort Co. School Board approves bonus for school employees

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County School District employees will be getting a bit of financial relief next month.

School board members approved a one-time pay bonus for all district employees.

“I was excited. I was excited and I felt appreciated,” Lead Special Education Teacher Makela Wilson said. “It just made us feel like what we do matters.”

When she found out Tuesday night that all district employees would be getting a pay bonus, it was a relief.

“The bonus just kind of solidifies what, you know, what we go through every day.”

The board has not officially decided how much each employee will be getting. Right now, they say full-time employees will be getting $1,000, part-time employees working three to four days a week will get $500, and part-time working one to two days a week will get $250.

The district says final details on the bonus will come in April. In the meantime, they said this was a vital step.

“Promotes a culture and climate that we care about our employees and we are thinking about them and we are recognizing the challenges they are working through,” Beaufort County Superintendent Frank Rodriquez said.

“They feel like leaders are recognizing that the hard work they do. And I think the bonus or approval of the bonus basically says thank you for supporting our kids. Thank you for showing up every day.”

The district says they have asked a lot from teachers and all employees this year.

“I recognize the challenges that they face, the difficulties, teaching remote, online, and in person at the same time. Those kinds of things are not easy to do.”

They hope this bonus will make things a little bit easier for employees.

“That bonus is going to help teachers as well as their families. So I think the morale in the building is going to go up because we feel appreciated and we feel valued.”

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