Rainy week impacts Tattnall Co. dirt roads

Rainy week impacts Tattnall Co. dirt roads

TATTNALL COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Multiple school districts canceled classes Friday because of the road conditions after a very rainy week, including Tattnall County.

Tom Rogers Road looks more like a river. With so much rainfall, the water has nowhere to go.

This water comes from Thomas Creek and it’s as swift as it is cold. Tattnall County EMA Director Walt Rogers says they have about a dozen roads closed due to water flowing over them.

He says they’ve had about eight inches of rain over the last week. With the ground already saturated, it won’t soak into the ground and just flows downstream as long as it can.

“As the water comes in, if it has nowhere to go, it starts backing up. Right now, the rivers are full, and they’re creating a backup,” Rogers said.

Washouts like these prompted school district leaders to cancel classes Friday. Rogers urges people who live along these roads to stay home and ride it out. He says one thing that makes things worse is people driving through to play in the mud.

“They get stuck or they tear up the road further trying to get back out,” Rogers said.

He urges people who don’t live on the roads should stay away so county crews can start assessments and repairs as soon as possible.

Walt says the river is not expected to crest until Saturday or Sunday, so some roads could get worse before they get better.

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