COVID-19 vaccine could impact mammogram results

COVID-19 vaccine could impact mammogram results

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WTOC) - Some women’s health groups recommend delaying any annual mammogram if they’ve been vaccinated. But one local doctor says that’s not exactly necessary.

Since COVID-19 started, doctors have noticed fewer patients are coming in for annual exams, and at the Bluffton Breast Health Center, doctors say when you get your vaccine could impact when you should come in.

When someone receives a vaccine, their body has an immune response. Often times, their lymph nodes may swell. Especially, lymph nodes in the armpit areas.

That’s why doctors say patients should think about when they are getting their annual breast exams and when they got their COVID-19 vaccine.

Doctors say swollen under arm lymph nodes can be a sign of breast cancer. The society of breast imaging has recommended patients should wait four to six weeks after their vaccine to get their mammogram. Doctors also encourage patients not to delay mammograms because of COVID-19.

“Locally, here, at the Bluffton Breast Health Center, we haven’t seen it as much of an issue yet. And so because of that, and, you know, making sure women do get the care that they need, we recommended that they do still get their screening mammograms, even if they have had a recent vaccine. But when they come for their mammograms to make sure they tell the technician that they had a vaccine and which arm that’s in,” said Rochelle Ringer, physician.

The doctor says if they are aware of the vaccine they can look out for that swollen lymph node and not be worried.

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