Man arrested for indecent exposure in Beaufort

Man arrested for indecent exposure in Beaufort

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - A man was arrested for indecent exposure over the weekend in Beaufort. Today police say they credit the arrest to one woman’s quick thinking.

City of Beaufort police say that over the weekend a woman was walking through this Walmart on Robert Smalls Parkway when she noticed a man was following her. When she noticed he was acting indecently, she jumped into action.

Anthony Brown was arrested for indecent exposure over the weekend after one woman reported him while shopping in Walmart.

“Officers were called to Walmart at 350 Robert Smalls Parkway regarding a gentleman who was exposing himself to women in the store,” said George Erdel, Public Information Officer for Beaufort Police.

Police say Brown was following the woman through different aisles, watching her closely. The victim told police while Brown was facing a shelf he had eyes directly on her and the other women in the aisle. It was then she noticed he was exposing himself.

“She wanted to let us know what was going on and keep an eye on him to make sure he didn’t get out of the store,” said Erdel.

Police say the woman jumped into action, discreetly calling police.

“So she used her AirPods to make a call to us so it didn’t look like she was on the phone so she could surreptitiously follow this suspect and give us the information, which I absolutely applaud,” said Erdel.

When police arrived more women stepped forward and reported the same man. Now, police are applauding the caller’s quick thinking.

“You know, she made the call, she was quick on her feet, she knew, ‘Okay, I need to make sure that he doesn’t know I’m calling so he doesn’t try to slip out of here.’ I’m just, hats off to her all the way around,” said Erdel.

The department says this isn’t unheard of. But they believe there could be far more than what was reported.

“You have to question how many people may have seen something like this and didn’t call,” said Erdel.

Police say as far as they know Brown does not have any history of indecent exposure charges in South Carolina. They hope this crime will inspire more people to speak up.

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