Screven Co. dirt roads still impacted by recent rain

Screven Co. dirt roads still impacted by recent rain

SCREVEN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Washed out dirt roads in some parts of Screven County has left more than an expensive mess. It’s even caused changes to school bus pickups for parents in our area.

You can still see some of the ruts in a stretch of Quail Road. County crews say it will take more than a weekend of sunshine to get these roads back in shape.

Signs warned drivers of potential mud pits ahead. Elsewhere, washouts left pieces of underground drain pipes exposed.

Days of rain have eroded portions of roads - either off the top or along one side. County fire chief and EMA director Harvey Cryder says they want people to be able to get in and out of their homes, but they also worry about getting fire trucks or ambulances in if needed. He’s thankful the roads have ways in or out.

“A lot of these roads do connect at other roads in the county. So where a road is damaged, we can take alternate routes and people can take alternate routes,” Cryder said.

He says the roads get worse from people sightseeing, or worse, riding through just to play in the mud. He says the less traffic they see right now, the faster crews can put them back together.

On some of these roads, the school district has temporarily asked parents to bring their kids out to a paved road for pickup and save the bus a chance of getting stuck.

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