Burton Fire District holds response training for major crashes

Burton Fire District holds response training for major crashes

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Burton Fire District has already seen several major car accidents this year. Now, they’re adapting their training to prepare for more.

The fire district has already dealt with three entrapments this year alone, and that’s why they spent today learning how to pull cars apart so they can get people out safely from any angle.

Rescuing entrapped drivers and passengers from cars is one of many duties a firefighter must perform, but the fire district has run into the issue several times in 2021 alone.

Today, the district focused on how you can extract passengers safely from any angle.

“What we are training for today as you can see is an advanced extra question. The vehicle is upside down with the driver or occupant pinned.”

They say exercises like these help them prepare for real, stressful, scenarios.

“It’s important we get this experience because we never know what we are going to run into on scene.”

They say in situations like these it’s not like the movies where someone can just be pulled out. It often takes A special skill set.

“Vehicles as we know, have multiple doors, we create doors when they’re not always accessible.”

One thing can make the entire process easier.

“People not wearing their seatbelts, it’s amazing how much a seatbelt can do to make this process easier.”

But if you do run into the situation, trainings like today help prepare all firefighters.

“There’s nothing we can come across that we can say we can’t take care of. We always find away. So that’s what we are doing today. Training to find your yes factor.”

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