High Ogeechee River levels causing flooding

High Ogeechee River levels causing flooding

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Rains from the last week or so have rivers across our area flooded.

Here at Dasher’s Landing, the Ogeechee River has not only overflowed its banks. It’s covered the boat ramp and covered the parking lot in water. With rainfall upstream still flowing this way, it’s expected to get higher before it starts to drop back down.

Most homes along the water sit high off the ground to be ready for floodwaters like this. Residents who were home Tuesday say the river got this high last year at the end of February.

Rains from middle Georgia make their way here through flooded branches and creeks that feed the Ogeechee upstream. Most people with homes here - whether they live here fulltime or just come here on the weekends say they have a routine to keep property out of the rushing water.

“My refrigerator and stuff under my house, I have to move out. But other things like my boat and other things like that, I just slide them up higher away from the water,” said resident Dylan Saxon.

Unfortunately, you can see some property, like a RV, still in its spot and probably taking in water.

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