Effingham College & Career Academy celebrates CTAE teachers

The College & Career Academy took time to thank their CTAE teachers Wednesday

Effingham College & Career Academy celebrates CTAE teachers

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - February is nationally recognized as Career Technical and Agriculture Education month.

Wednesday at Effingham College and Career Academy, they set time aside to say thank you to all the teachers who represent 30 different career pathways.

“There’s a lot of times teachers go into the classrooms; they’re working with students every day. They’re producing great results and sometimes I think we fail to recognize that enough,” said ECCA CEO Ashley Kieffer.

So, Wednesday at the Effingham College and Career Academy it was all about their CTAE teachers.

The gift, custom made pullovers. A small gesture that went a long way, for CTAE teachers like April Platt.

“It’s always nice to feel appreciated. Especially this year with all the difficulties of teaching virtually and in the building,” said the Director of Healthcare Science.

Even if their job doesn’t feel all that much like work to them.

“I have to admit I love my job. I think it’s amazing to see students interact with each other and learn what their possibilities are, what their potentials are,” said Director of Distribution & Logistics Tara Grimball.

So while it is nice to be recognized for their hard work at the end of the day these teachers do what they do because they love it, and they know just how important it is.

“One of the main reasons I chose to get into education was I felt I could fill a void that I had in high school. We didn’t have a program like this, so I thought, ‘what a fantastic opportunity to prepare them before they go to college,’” said Platt

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