Coastal Health District director provides COVID report to Chatham Co. Commission

Coastal Health District director provides COVID report to Chatham Co. Commission

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A COVID-19 status report was provided to Chatham County Commission on Friday by the director of the Coastal Health District.

COVID-19 cases have significantly dropped since our latest surge, but Dr. Lawton Davis told commissioners he is concerned about what the numbers are showing right now.

“The rolling average has blipped back up here in Chatham County for several days running now and I do not have a good explanation for that. And that’s in the face of doing a little bit less PCR testing. So it’s, I’m scratching my head and I am a little concerned and I am hoping that it is just a blip and it goes away, but it went up again this morning so again we’re watching,” Dr. Davis said.

While the seven-day rolling average has increased, hospitalizations have not. Dr. Davis says it’s important we do not let our guard down and continue the best public health practices.

As for vaccinations, he says public health has given more than 3,500 shots this week alone and in Chatham County we are at about 82,000 in total. As the governor expanded vaccine eligibility, Dr Davis says they have seen a slight decrease in the demand for Phase 1A-Plus. He says they are planning for the expansion, but also mentioned there’s discussion to bring one of the state’s mass vaccine clinics to our area.

“I am unofficially told that we can expect to have one of those sites here at some point in time when the vaccine supply will allow, so you know, I am just reading my tea leaves. I don’t have inside information on that, but I do think we will have one,” Dr. Davis said.

Dr Davis says there is no location planned or even an exact city in our area picked to host one yet, that’s something GEMA will decide. Though Chairman Chester Ellis says local leaders are discussing plans.

“We don’t have the exact date or anything done, but we are working towards those ends and I just want to make sure that the public knows,” Ellis said.

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