Bulloch Co. man continues family’s farming heritage

Updated: Mar. 1, 2021 at 5:59 PM EST
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BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Farming is the only profession and the only life Josh Brannen has known. He’s among the fifth generation to tend this soil in Bulloch County and remembers farming as far back as he can remember.

“Probably riding on the old 4020 with my dad. And just riding in the pickup truck with him in preschool or kindergarten,” Brannen said.

He went to ABAC and got his associates degree then came home to work on his four-year and work on the farm.

“The more I worked on the farm, the more miserable I was in school. So, I decided this was for me full time. That’s been 10 years and haven’t looked back,” he said.

He, his brother, and father farm about 2,500 acres. They grow peanuts and cotton, with some soybeans and corn thrown in for rotation.

They’ve kept things small, and like it that way.

“I make it work every year. So, what I don’t want to do is overextend myself. I’m making it work now,” Brannen said.

He says the challenges extend far beyond just the weather. Anything from trade tariffs to government regulations can drive costs up or prices down - at a moment’s notice.

He says they balance the technology, like GPS systems, with generations of experience.

“I’ve never stopped learning as a farm, that’s for sure. If you asked my dad, he’d tell you the same thing. If you ever stop learning, you’ve made a mistake somewhere along the way,” Brannen said.

He says the reward for him is carrying on a family tradition and helping feed and clothe much of America, and that makes him Proud to be a Farmer.

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