Fugitive wanted in Statesboro found in Los Angeles

Fugitive wanted in Statesboro found in Los Angeles

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - A fugitive accused of stealing from a Bulloch County charity now faces eviction and legal trouble in California.

Jeremy Foreman has been wanted by Statesboro Police since 2014 on theft-by-conversion charges that claim he took money from a local charity.

Detectives who investigated this case say they’ve had information for years that Foreman was in the general Los Angeles area. But even with an exact address, it’s tougher than just sending someone cross country to arrest him and bring him back.

A station in Los Angeles reports a landlord there says Jeremy Foreman hasn’t paid rent in months but courts won’t let the man evict him. People in the case contacted Statesboro Police Wednesday.

“As soon as they said the name on the phone, I knew exactly who they were talking about- even though it was from 2014,” said Dep. Chief Rob Bryan with Statesboro Police.

Foreman helped lead a 2012 Make A Wish event in Statesboro. He staffed several charities through a group called Hands On Southeast Georgia. One group, Feed the Boro, filed charges in 2014 that Foreman had pulled $1,800 from their account under the premise of opening a new account under non-profit status.

Nobody in Statesboro has seen him since, but heard he’d moved to California. Bryan says he wants to see the case in court one day but...

“The extradition is set up for Georgia and surrounding states versus if it was a violent crime, it would be coast to coast.”

In the meantime, a Los Angeles court has blocked evictions during the pandemic. Media out there say Foreman has requested a jury trial in the civil case over past due rent.

Back here in Bulloch County, Bryan says a grand jury indicted Foreman shortly after the charges were made. So they can prosecute him if or whenever they get him in custody.

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