Chatham Co. officials preparing for mass vaccination site, looking to provide transportation

Chatham Co. officials preparing for mass vaccination site, looking to provide transportation

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - On Wednesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced Chatham County will be getting a mass vaccination clinic at Gulfstream Aerospace.

We are learning more about how that will run and what you need to know.

Like so many others, Chairman Chester Ellis said he was excited to welcome this mass COVID-19 vaccination site to Chatham County.

He says while the start of the clinic on St. Patrick’s Day will be different, it will help us return to normal eventually.

“We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a different way, but a great way because we’ll be having the vaccine,” said Ellis.

Chatham County is getting a different kind of luck this St. Patrick’s Day with a state run mass vaccination site. GEMA Leaders say the will have 1,100 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine per day.

“We actually have ultra-cold storage in all of these areas it is on site so we are pretty much self-sustaining at these sites so that’s one of the ways we ensure that we have enough vaccine at each one,” said Lisa Rodriguez-Presley, External Affairs Supervisor for GEMA.

GEMA will be operating the site with help from contract nurses, the national guard, DPH and FEMA. They say Chatham County was selected as a site for a purpose.

“Really one of the main reasons was we’re trying to ensure that the sites that we set up as a part of GEMA are addressing the needs of our underserved and minority communities so Savannah seemed like a good fit and the Gulfstream site was perfect and they’ve been working with us to establish that site,” said Rodriguez-Presley.

While GEMA is controlling the mass site, Chairman Ellis says the county is looking into how they can help provide transportation.

“Those are the details that we are working out what we want to try to do is get everybody who needs a ride to the mega site and get everybody vaccinated. The sooner we get folks done the better it off for Chatham county,” said Ellis.

Though registration for the site is not open yet, leaders say their goal is to get people in and out of the site within six minutes.

“I’m just personally just elated and I want to urge all Chatham citizens who want the vaccination to make sure we go through the process.”

GEMA Officials say they expect registration for here in Chatham County to open up next week. They suggest you sign up using a cell phone by going to the MyVaccine Georgia website and select the gulfstream location.

It will run Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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