Wayne Co. School District preparing to vaccinate teachers

Wayne Co. School District preparing to vaccinate teachers

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia teachers and school employees will soon be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, after Governor Brian Kemp expanded eligibility to them.

In Wayne County, the school district is working with a local hospital to get school staff vaccinated.

There are 840 teachers and staff in the Wayne County School System. District leaders say majority have shown an interest in getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Governor Brian Kemp’s announcement of the expansion is a sense of relief for the district and teachers like Angie Poppell.

“I have wanted the vaccine. My husband had the vaccine. My mother is 86, she just got the vaccine,” said Poppell.

And come next week, so will Poppell.

An official with the district says Wayne Memorial Hospital will administer the vaccines.

A schedule will be sent out soon, but the start of the vaccinations depends on when the hospital gets its shipment.

“They’ll go to the hospital, get the vaccination, spend about 15 minutes or so to make sure they’re no immediate side effects. Then they’ll go back to classroom, and we’ll continue to make a rotation until everyone is served,” said Reggie Burgess, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

The vaccine isn’t required for teachers.

“We just left it up to them, whatever they feel is best for them.”

Poppell says she’s thrilled the district is making the vaccines easily accessible to staff, saying this is a way she can protect everyone she comes into contact with.

“Just don’t want to take any chances.”

School staff will be getting the Moderna vaccine. Burgess says they’ll work With the hospital to also schedule everyone’s second round of vaccinations.

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