Garden City PD promotes first ever female captain

Captain Lindsey Talley has made a career out of breaking barriers.

Garden City PD promotes first ever female captain

GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - March is Women’s History Month and in Garden City, one woman has now made history. Becoming the first ever female police captain at the department.

A lot has changed since Garden City Police Chief Gilbert Ballard joined the department back in 1994.

“When I started there were no women with the Garden City Police Department.”

Now females make up roughly 20 percent of the department, including Lindsey Talley.

Who as of Monday is now, Captain Lindsey Talley.

A title she’s still getting used to.

“Yeah, Lieutenant kind of just went off the tongue a little better, but I’ll get used to it,” joked Captain Talley.

It’s a position, that when she began in Law Enforcement 14 years ago, she never thought she’d reach.

“Honestly, I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I went from working at a non-profit organization with kids at a preschool. A preschool director, total shift to law enforcement.”

But after that first year, “I just fell in love with it,” said Captain Talley.

From there she climbed the ranks.

“I’m very competitive so when the opportunity exposed itself, I just went in, all in, one hundred percent. I wanted that, I wanted to be at the top.”

Climbing to the top and breaking barriers along the way.

“Well, she was the first Sergeant female, the first female Lieutenant, first female Captain,” says Chief Ballard.

Paving a path forward and offering a hand up to the women behind her.

“I try to reach out to them and encourage them to continue up the ranks.”

Showing them what’s possible, “you just have to work hard and never let an opportunity pass by,” Captain Talley says.

Who knows what that next opportunity may be.

“At the end of the day there’s nothing stopping her from being a police chief if she wants to be,” said Chief Ballard.

The Garden City Police Department is hiring right now. Chief Ballard says to go to their Facebook page for more information on applying.

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