Effingham Co. Resource Officer launches podcast to encourage students

Officer Puente has taken to Instagram, Facebook & even started a podcast to provide more resources to students

Effingham Co. Resource Officer launches podcast to encourage students

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Being a school resource officer isn’t a flashy position in fact it often gets overlooked.

But in Effingham County one officer is hoping to change the perception and make a true impact on student’s lives by meeting them where they’re at.

“I go around, and I check all the doors. I peak in through the classrooms.”

Charley Puente is the resource officer at the Effingham College and Career Academy.

“In the 12, almost 13 years I’ve been in law enforcement I’ve pretty much done everything,” said Officer Puente.

But his newest role may be his favorite yet.

“Out of everything I’ve done in law enforcement this is probably the most rewarding.”

Because for Officer Puente, or as his students call him Officer Maui, he’s protecting one of the most valuable assets we have.

“They’re the future.”

Children and what they may one day become.

Which is why simply protecting them wasn’t enough.

“So, that’s when I created to podcast,” said Officer Puente.

His podcast, appropriately called “The Resource Officer” covers a wide range of topics.

Using a new medium to reach students who in the past may have slipped through the cracks.

“Maybe they don’t want to reach out. They’re shy or they don’t want to look a certain way in front of their friends. Well, that’s there for you.”

Officer Puente, also utilizing social media, like Instagram and Facebook to spread a more positive message to students online.

“I want them to know that not only am I invested in them, but I’m committed to them too to help them succeed.”

Connecting on a different level to provide a resource wherever they might be.

You can find Officer Puente on Instagram @TheResourceOfficer a link to his podcast is in his bio.

He is also on Facebook at TRO Officer and you can email him at maui@resourceofficer.com

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