ILA Executive Vice President encourages Savannah’s longshoremen to get vaccinated

ILA Executive Vice President encourages Savannah’s longshoremen to get vaccinated

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Longshoremen and women play a huge role in how we live our everyday lives. During the pandemic, they’ve been on the frontlines, working day and night to make sure our homes, hospitals, and grocery stores have what we need.

Willie J. Seymore is an Executive Vice President of the International Longshoremen’s Association. After receiving his COVID-19 vaccine, he wants his fellow longshoremen and women to get theirs.

Seymore has been a longshoreman for 44 years. Like so many people around the world, he’s lost good friends and fellow longshoremen to the virus that causes COVID-19.

“We’ve had so many of our members caught the virus, overcame it and some have not. And I think throughout the ILA, we’ve lost a whole lot throughout the whole industry of the ILA,” he said.

Now that he’s taken his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, he’s using his voice to encourage other longshoremen to get vaccinated.

“All the essential workers, like the ILA workers should take the vaccine. Take the shot,” Seymore said.

Seymore says he didn’t have any side effects after both shots. His wife did have a fever for 24 hours after her second, but she says that went away with medication.

Seymore’s hopeful we can come out of this pandemic if we all do our part.

“Don’t have doubt,” he said. “I’m just encouraging all of the fellow longshoremen under the sound of my voice, please sir, please ma’am, protect yourself and most of all, protect your family and take the vaccine.”

Seymore says Savannah’s leaders of the ILA Local 1414 have done a tremendous job making sure their members are tested for the virus. He also says there are plans to bring vaccines directly to ILA Local 1414′s union hall.

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