Georgia National Guard helping keep mass vaccine site running smoothly

Georgia National Guard helping keep mass vaccine site running smoothly

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - More than 2,000 people have been vaccinated at the GEMA Mass Vaccination Site at Gulfstream.

A lot of that happening thanks to dozens of Georgia National Guard members. It’s a mission they weren’t planning on, but haven’t backed down from.

Georgia National Guard members all signed up to serve, but when the pandemic hit more than year ago they never could have imagined what that might look like and how they’d be activated, especially now as vaccine efforts expand.

“I don’t think anybody joined the National Guard or the Army thinking that this was the mission that they were going to be given, but this is the most direct that we get to serve the people that we swore to protect,” said Major Blake Faller, Georgia National Guard.

Major Blake Faller is one of more than 70 Georgia National Guard soldiers serving at Chatham County’s GEMA Mass Vaccination site. Together they help keep things moving to get as many as 1,100 people vaccinated a day. Their jobs range from traffic control, to inputting information, but they even go beyond the call helping those with car troubles and more. While this mission isn’t typical they have the same tenacity as any other. They seek to improve the experience and serve the community.

“It’s directly impacting the communities getting back to a sense of normal and making sure that everybody that’s involved that is receiving this vaccine is well taken care of and met with the upmost professional attitudes and it means a lot to directly impact our community.”

The National Guard members here are from all over the state though several are local to the area. They show up daily to serve and will continue to do so until the community has been served.

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