Maintenance on traffic signals, poles could impact traffic on HHI

Maintenance on traffic signals, poles could impact traffic on HHI
(Source: WTOC)

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - If you are one of the thousands of people that drive on and off of Hilton Head Island every single day, you may expect a little bit of extra traffic over the next few weeks.

Hilton Head has traffic signals all over the island and maintenance on certain signals could mean more traffic in the beginning of the already busy travel season.

Many traffic signals on Hilton Head are showing some wear and tear after years of use from locals and tourists. Now, the town will be repainting the poles in several intersections.

Painting will start in late March and extend through May 9. Each signal will take about a week to complete. The work is expected to be completed along the following schedule:

  • Palmetto Bay Road at Target – March 22 to April 4
  • William Hilton Parkway at Arrow Road – March 29 to April 11
  • William Hilton Parkway at Singleton Beach Road – April 5 to April 18
  • William Hilton Parkway at Beachwood Drive – April 12 to April 25

The department says drivers can expect delays, but they have asked the contractor not to work during rush hours. One issue is the project is starting at the same time as the busy tourist season.

The director for the project says they must do it in warm months or else the paint would not dry properly. They say they have come up with a plan to avoid impacting spring travel too much.

“We are going to start on the south end signals that will be affected, at Target and arrow first. Try to get those done and out-of-the-way ahead of the spring break week. And then they will work on the signals that are farther away from that in the later portion. It’s a fairly simple operation and if they’re turned out to be any significant impact that we didn’t account for we can stop the operation and come back later,” Project Manager James Cook said.

The department says most of the delays and traffic will be on side street and turning lanes, which means if you know where you were going and you know it will be a long one of these routes, you are asked to be a little extra careful.

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