Local golfers bringing fans to Club Car Championship

Local golfers bringing fans to Club Car Championship

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Sam Saunders, who happens to be the grandson of golf legend Arnold Palmer, was on crutches just ten days ago after a leg break back in January.

Doctors told him that he would not golf until at least May. While he missed the cut Friday at the Club Car Championship, he said playing 36 holes was a big accomplishment.

His grandfather helped bring golf to Skidaway Island.

“That’s what was so neat about him. He had an impact everywhere. Not just courses that he built, but anywhere that he played, and, you know, I get a lot of nice people coming up to me and say nice things pretty much any golf course I go to in the world, so there is a little bit of an extra special connection here as he did the first two courses over at the Marshwood and the Magnolia,” Saunders said.

Saunders is a well-known name and there was a crowd around him all week, but because of another player in his group - 16-year-old Reed Lotter. Lotter lives here in the community and received the sponsor’s exemption.

Despite missing the cut as well, he was all smiles after his second round.

“To have this opportunity was so cool. It was such a great learning experience, and I really hit it well the whole week, just a couple of swings there towards the end that I guess you could kind of look at it as- kind of not my best finish, which, you know, from a results standpoint is not what you want- to miss the cut, but that was one of my goals to make the cut, but I learned so much from it,” Lotter said.

Saunders had high praises for the Savannah Country Day Hornet and offered him advice throughout their two rounds.

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