South Carolinians react to expanded COVID-19 vaccine eligibility

South Carolinians react to expanded vaccine eligibility

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - In less than a week, all adults will be able to get vaccinated in South Carolina. Governor Henry McMaster made that announcement Friday. The expansion will go into effect on Wednesday.

That’s more than a month earlier than what was originally scheduled by South Carolina’s department of health

As of Friday, the Department of Health and Environmental Control says more than 1.8 million doses of vaccines have been given to South Carolinians.

Bluffton residents like Cynthia Perry-Mitchell received her second dose Friday.

She says she got vaccinated in honor of her husband who died from COVID-19.

”My husband took every precaution he could. He wore his mask. He had gloves and everything” said Perry-Mitchell. “We don’t know how he got it and it took his life and I feel like everybody who can do what they need to do to help make us safe. They need to do that.”

The Director of the vaccination site at the Buckwalter Recreation Center says over 1,000 people were vaccinated Friday.

They’ve given out over 3 ‚000 vaccines this week alone and expect those numbers to grow as eligibility expands.

Young people like Isamar Hurtado say teenagers are excited to get vaccinated.

" A lot of them do you want to get it which is good and have a chance to get and protect themselves,” said Hurtado

DHEC says people 16 and over were not supposed to be eligible until May.

This skips the rest of the phased approached originally planned and residents want to do their part in fighting COVID-19.

” I’m a young male, fairly healthy but it’s not about me,” said resident Brandon Miller. “It’s about the concern of others who we partake with in this world so I think that if everyone participates, the closer we’ll be to getting this thing done and over.”

” Everyone needs to take the vaccine if they have the chance to do so,” said. Perry-Mitchell.

Appointments are required if you plan to get vaccinated in South Carolina. If you’ll be eligible next Wednesday, you can make an appointment beginning on that day.

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