Glamping gals from Savannah turn road trip into new show

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 11:50 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - If you think camping or RV life is not for you, three Savannah women are hoping their “Glamping Adventures” will make you reconsider.

When the world shutdown in March 2020 due to COVID-19, Nicole Casino, Arra Riggs and Chris Waters were looking for an escape. Rather than looking for hotels and resorts, they found a better way to put some distance between themselves and others.

“The RV was just a more of a private place that we wouldn’t be exposed to a bunch of people, because we bought this thing right at the very beginning of quarantine,” Casino said.

“Honestly, I thought these two had RV’d before, so I was completely confused when we got there and no one knew what was going on,” Waters said.

The lack of camping experience didn’t stop these new glamour gals of the camping world. They bought a Minnie Winnie and within a month they hit road for a 4,000 mile learning experience.

“We just wanted to just go on an adventure and we figured we would figure it out as we go,” Casino said.

They quickly discovered the not-so-glamorous side of Glamping when they had to get rid of waste for the first time.

“Our first day, I just didn’t realize what was gonna happen,” Riggs said. “I had on white pants, flip flops, no gloves.”

A trip through Arkansas, Texas and into Colorado offered plenty of chances to become more comfortable with the innerworkings of the RV and the opportunity for new experiences at every turn.

“So much of being outdoors is also being open to the idea of the adventure and so we tried a couple different things,” Waters said.

Armed with a camera and social media accounts, the Glamping gals got another idea.

“We started filming to ask people to help us,” Casino said.

The videos led to the creation of “Glamping Adventures.” The women teamed up with Savannah-based Skyway Pictures to begin shooting a series, documenting life in their hotel on wheels.

“We want to encourage other women and other people who’ve never really camped before that if we could figure it out the blondes leading the blondes, then everybody can figure it out,” Casino said.

Skyway Pictures says it’s shooting more episodes and hopes to release a pilot for the series later this spring. The ladies do have two more long trips planned in the coming months. You can follow their adventures online at or on social media. A preview of their show is also on YouTube.

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