Statesboro apartment fire caused by ‘improper disposal of smoking materials’

Cause of Statesboro apartment fire still under investigation

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - UPDATE: Statesboro Fire investigators in coordination with the State Fire Marshal determined the fire started on the 3rd floor balcony due to “improper disposal of smoking materials.”

The Statesboro Fire Department has responded to a number of fires in the community recently. In addition to Little Lotts Creek, the department has responded to fires at buildings on Lanier Drive, South Walnut Street and Joyce Street.

The Statesboro Fire Chief says at this time there is no indication the fires are related.

PREVIOUS STORY: Fire investigators believe they know where a fire in Statesboro started Monday. But they’re still trying to figure out how.

The fire forced people to evacuate from 20 apartments.

While state investigators try to figure out what started this fire, Statesboro’s chief says he’s glad they had the equipment and training for it as Statesboro grows outward and upward.

Flames burned through the roof Monday of Building C at Little Lotts Creek Apartments. Chief Tim Gram says the twenty apartments in the building suffered damage from fire, smoke, water, or all three.

The fire started from a third floor balcony; crews used ladder trucks they don’t normally use on single-story houses. He says these skills and gear could come into play with more and more development in town.

“Statesboro does have a lot of apartment complexes. We do have a lot of bigger buildings. So, we do stress training for those types of situations,” Chief Grams said.

A local team from the American Red Cross have been assisting the victims

The manager at the apartment complex says they’re getting donation offers of furniture, clothes, food and more for the victims. She says they are trying to establish a drop off place for it all and they’re asking people to email them for info rather than just show up with it.

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