Beaufort Co. School District making accommodations for students eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

Beaufort Co. School District making accommodations for students eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - South Carolinians over the age of 16 are now able to make an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

And for many people, they will take whatever appointment they can get.

Now that COVID-19 vaccination eligibility has expanded to anyone over the age of 16, schools are making accommodations so that any student who wants the vaccine can get it.

“I am glad that we can get a vaccine so we can finally start to get things back to normal,” said 10th grader David Topin.

Schools in Beaufort County are allowing students to leave anytime they have a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

“Any medical reason a student simply Has to have a parent note,” said Vice Principal Denise Lessard.

They say even though COVID is a special circumstance, they are treating it like any other medical reason.

“So with the vaccine if it’s just part of the day then it would be excused, if it’s a full day then it would be the same thing.”

Students say they’re excited they were now eligible.

“I feel like it’s a big step because of what happened with the coronavirus and I just feel like since it’s going to make everyone healthier it’s going to be so much better to get it,” said 11th grader Tatianna Cuveas.

And say they don’t mind missing some school either.

“I feel like the shot takes precedence over schoolwork, especially since you can just make it up.”

For the most part, the 16-year-olds WTOC spoke with were excited they were able to make such a big choice for themselves and protect those around them.

“I’m really glad that I get to get my vaccine and, you know, just have that extra security. If I were to end up getting it I’d be OK, my family would be OK, and everyone around me would be a little bit more OK.”

The school says they will make accommodations for any students who want the vaccine.

“We want to make any necessary accommodations that students who are willing and able to get the vaccine will have that opportunity to do so.”

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