Liberty Co. School System giving bonus to teachers, staff

Liberty Co. School System giving bonus to teachers, staff

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia teachers and most other education employees are set to receive a $1,000 bonus.

The state Board of Education approved the plan two weeks ago.

Liberty County’s school district is also providing its own bonuses to staff. A small token of appreciation after what district leaders, teachers and school staff describe as a crazy year in education.

Everyone at the Liberty County School System has been navigating their way through several changes, while working hard to keep those around them safe.

“We could have not done what we’ve done had it not been the work of every single individual that we have in this school district,” Superintendent Dr. Franklin Perry said.

Because of that, the district will be giving a $1,000 bonus to all its employees who do not qualify for the state’s bonus. In addition, a $1,500 retention bonus will be given to all employees who work the 2021-2022 school year.

Dr. Perry says about 1,600 people will be receiving the bonus of $2,500 in total. Funding is coming from the CARES Act, as well as the local school budget.

For one kindergarten teacher, she says the real reward is just being with her students, but.

“The bonus is just a little extra to know that you’re appreciated and that you are seen for all the hard work that you have done,” Kindergarten teacher Kelly Baxter said.

Dr. Perry says the first $1,000 bonus is expected to go out by the end of April and then the $1,500 retention bonus is expected to go out to teachers and school staff by September.

He also says any new employee that starts before then is also eligible for that bonus.

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