Some in Hispanic/Latino and immigrant communities hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccine

Some in Hispanic/Latino and immigrant communities hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccine

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Minorities are a group healthcare leaders say are hesitant about taking the vaccine.

In fact the CDC says only 9.5 percent of the Hispanic and Latino community have received at least one dose.

Yenifer Mejia is from Honduras.

She’s lived in Savannah for a few months and says some in the Hispanic, Latino and immigrant communities are afraid to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Some of them, because they think they might get in trouble because of their immigration status that we have. And other people think it might be some kind of conspiracy behind the vaccine.”

She wants that to change. It was important for her to get vaccinated Thursday because she works on the frontlines.

“I work at a nursery and I’m basically like a sales person. I’m in contact with a lot of customers during the day so that’s why it’s very important for me to take the vaccine.”

Owner of Compounding Solutions of Savannah David Taylor gave Mejia her vaccine.

They’ve given out nearly 2,000 vaccines and he says you do need to be either a Georgia resident or work in Georgia to get a vaccine.

He says other than that, healthcare providers aren’t looking for anyone’s legal status or other qualifications. They just want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to get a shot.

“We just want to make sure people are taken care of. They are part of the community. We want to make sure they’re getting vaccinated just like everybody else because, it’s going take everybody to make sure everything returns away it needs to be,” said Taylor.

Mejia says she’s grateful to be able to get the vaccine and wants to encourage others in her community to get theirs.

“Go ahead and get the vaccine as soon as you can, that way you can be protected and the people around you will be protected too.”

Taylor also says a good number of minorities have come to them to get vaccinated.

He also says with the expanded eligibility they haven’t seen a huge increase in demand but they have plenty of supply.

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