Attorney General Carr pushes back on GA voting law

Attorney General Carr pushes back on GA voting law
Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr.

ATLANTA, Ga. (WALB) - On Monday, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr joined Governor Brian P. Kemp and U.S. Representative Drew Ferguson for a press conference to highlight his office’s work to defend Senate Bill 202 in court.

Attorney General Carr’s remarks from the press conference are below:

Anybody who actually reads this bill quickly sees that it strengthens, expands access, and improves transparency in Georgia’s elections.

Again, anybody who actually reads this bill sees how comparing it to the Jim Crow era, one of the most tragic periods in American history, where human beings were killed and truly were prevented from casting their ballot, is preposterous, irresponsible, and fundamentally wrong.

We actually diminish the horrors of Jim Crow when we compare the unjustifiable abuses of those times with a photo ID requirement that applies equally to everyone, to expanded voting hours across the state, and to the assurance that the public has access to our electoral process.

But that’s exactly what Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff and so many others have shamefully been doing over the past several weeks.

Every time Stacey Abrams goes on a late-night talk show, does a friendly podcast, or is a guest on MSNBC, every word that she says is accepted as an undeniable fact.

This is also what too many leaders in America are falling for right now, without doing their own due diligence. And, it is not healing our nation, but rather further dividing us and causing real harm to real people, to real Georgians.

So when we defend this bill in court, the “Stacey Says” standard will not apply. It will be all about the facts and the law.

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