COVID-19 pandemic impacting blood donations

COVID-19 pandemic impacting blood donations

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted several businesses, one being blood donation centers.

Some are seeing a critical need, like The Blood Connection. As people get out more, they are asking you to consider helping your neighbors.

The Blood Connection in Savannah is in urgent need of donations. They say that need comes from a variety of reasons.

“The need is greater than we have seen in the past year or so just for a number of factors none of which are souly to blame, we’ve just had a lot of things happen at once. We’ve had low donor turnout, we’ve had some hospitals needing more for instance we had one hospital that partner that needed 150 units for just one patient and sometimes things like that happen,” said Harrison Huntley, Partnerships and Media Coordinator.

The Blood Connection has just extended their hours to help make it easier to donate through their site in the victory square shopping complex. They also are offering different incentives to those who sign-up like gift cards and more. Plus, when you donate you can also get a COVID antibody test too.

“We’re really just kind of finding ways to make it easier for folks to come out and give because we do want them to come out and we think it’s a very important thing that we can supply to local hospitals.”

You can book an appointment by calling the center, going online or even walking into the clinic. Leaders say it’s all about helping as many people as possible especially at a time when the need is great.

“Every unit of blood will save three lives and that’s great. We love to tell people about that because with the blood connection your saving lives in your own community. In Savannah we’re one of the blood providers for Memorial Hospital and so really you’re saving your loved ones, your saving your friend, your family people in your local community.”

Officials say getting any three of the approved COVID-19 vaccines does not impact your donation status, you can still give blood at any point in the process.

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