Share your stories during National Library Week

Live Oak Public Libraries asks you to share your library story for National Library Week

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - National Library Week is underway! Live Oak Public Libraries are giving you the opportunity to celebrate.

They’ve started the “Share Your Library Story” initiative. You’re asked to send in a story about how the library has brought you joy or made a difference in your life and in the community. Live Oak’s Executive Director explained why they began this initiative.

“Most of us got into libraries because we believe that libraries make a difference in people’s lives, and National Library Week is an opportunity for people to tell us their stories,” Executive Director David Singleton said. “We see those stories everyday, but sometimes we don’t see those stories. We still have the impact, but we don’t necessarily see that they got that job for example outside the library. So it’s an opportunity for them to give back and tell us what a difference we’ve made.”

There are lots of ways you can share your library story. You can go to the Live Oak Public Libraries’ website, fill out a written form, or tag them on social media. These stories will be available in the libraries’ annual Community Report.

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