United Way, partners providing PPE in the Lowcountry

United Way, partners providing PPE in the Lowcountry

HARDEEVILLE, S.C. (WTOC) - A partnership for non-profits in the Lowcountry has led to several community resources being able to stay open safely.

The Agape Family Life Center has been open since 2007.

“Our mission is to focus on education, wellness, and nutrition,” said Dr. Ponchitta Young, Assistant Director of Agape Family Life Center.

When the pandemic hit they struggled with the rest of the Okatie community.

“When COVID first started, oh my God. It was it was really unreal for, as for a lot of people.”

The community center ended up closing for two weeks.

“Certainly you don’t budget for a pandemic.”

The group serves hundreds of people in the community and worried they weren’t safe enough.

Four days a week this entire room is filled with children and for the rest of the week community members are able to come together and spend time together in this facility. Now they could do so, a little extra safely thanks for a large shipment of PPE.

The group turned to United Way for help.

“We had about 30 different agencies receive PPE’s from Bank of America and we just kind of acted as a go-between.”

A partnership between United Way and Bank of America has provided more than 61,000 masks, 84,000 gloves, and 2,400 bottles of hand sanitizer to local nonprofits across the Lowcountry like the Agape Center.

“Not only did we receive a Little bit but we received an abundance. Which was great for us.”

The center was a prime example of the kind of nonprofit United Way wanted to help.

“But when you think about some of the agencies that work with children, especially really young children, they go through gloves like crazy with diaper changing, things of that nature, so it’s very very important.”

The group has been able to utilize that PPE for their food bank, after school program and more.

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