Clinic held at Savannah State to help vaccinate students

Clinic held at Savannah State to help vaccinate students

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - With vaccine eligibility opened to those 16 and older, colleges and universities are finding ways to bring the shot directly to their students. Savannah State University had a clinic for their school community on Tuesday to make it easy to get a shot.

Tuesday was a day of progress for some at Savannah State University as they could get the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“As I have talked to students, staff, and faculty most of our population is actually very interested in getting the vaccine,” said Kimberly Ballard-Washington, the interim president at Savannah State University.

So far, Savannah State has had two vaccine clinics with help from Compounding Solutions. They have vaccinated more than 200 people.

One of those to get their shot on Tuesday was senior Moriah Byrd. “It was definitely a hard decision,” Byrd said. “My friends and family have been debating it for months, honestly since the pandemic started.”

Ultimately, she says she got her shot to help others and see a return to normalcy. SSU is still operating in a hybrid setting, and she misses the full college experience.

“It’s not the same honestly, senior year is not the same as it should be, but that’s okay. And getting the vaccine can hopefully allow everyone else to have a better college experience,” Byrd said.

Interim president Kimberly Ballard- Washington says they are planning for a return to normal for the fall semester. Doing a clinic like this helps them provide safety before they get there.

“Truly, we’ve learned a lot during this pandemic,” Ballard-Washington said. “We learned how we can do some things differently so we want to take that into the future, but I also go back to what makes us special and what that is, is the relationships that our students get from the faculty and staff and each other. The opportunities to grow together.”

In addition to Tuesday’s event Savannah State University is also looking to offer the vaccine through their health center. SSU is also helping make vaccination a possibility for those in the community by partnering with Chatham County to offer transportation to the mass site at Gulfstream. Once you have an appointment, you can reserve a ride by 3pm the day before by calling 912-856-4563.

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