Estill town leaders bring COVID-19 vaccine clinic to downtown

Estill town leaders bring COVID-19 vaccine clinic to downtown
Estill held a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for residents on Tuesday. (Source: WTOC)

ESTILL, S.C. (WTOC) - The town of Estill has worked to get a vaccination clinic out here for months. They said it came together really quickly after a DHEC representative came down just two weeks ago, saw the building and big parking lot and said it was the perfect place for a vaccination clinic.

“It was all right. It was a smooth transaction,” said a vaccine recipient.

Some rural areas of South Carolina have had a hard time getting access to vaccines.

“Well the mayor and I have been working on this for about two and a half months and we finally got a hold of Dr. Zimmer,” said Karen Miller, the town manager of Estill.

But the town of Estill was able to change that today

“It’s the first time we’ve done it here and hopefully we can do it again,” said Miller.

The town was able to bring 500 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to the Bull Durham Center in downtown Estill.

“The challenge this time was trying to get the word out. And we furiously have worked on getting over 400 flyers out in all of the surrounding communities,” said Miller.

Recipients said they were grateful for the opportunity.

“Beautiful for my schedule because I’m constantly working and whatever and I really wanted to try to get the Johnson & Johnson one shot and I’m done because I don’t like needles,” said the vaccine recipient.

The town was happy they were able to give isolated, rural residents access after they found out some citizens were paying people to take them to other towns.

“They don’t drive, so they wind up paying somebody to drive them to Hampton to get the vaccine and they get there, there’s no vaccine available, so they have to go back home. And this was a way of getting everybody in the area to be able to come up here and get their vaccine,” said Miller.

And the vaccine given today was from Johnson & Johnson, and they say that is a huge advantage because recipients don’t have to have a second follow up in three to four weeks.

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