Statesboro remembers lives lost to COVID-19

Statesboro remembers lives lost to COVID-19

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - One community will gather to remember the loved ones and neighbors lost over the past year due to COVID-19. Sunday marks one year since the first COVID-related death in the Statesboro community.

On April 11, community members can gather at the courthouse square in Statesboro as a memorial. Organizers wanted people to have a chance to collectively mourn for 110 lives lost and the impact to those families and the impact on the community.

As the rate of vaccinations rise and the number of cases drop, the community still suffers deaths due to COVID. Councilmember Shari Barr explained how the city will team with Bulloch County and the local ministers alliance to hold a memorial this summer.

In some ways, she said, its the first opportunity for some to gather and remember.(sot){cg- Shari Barr/ Statesboro City Council}”The fact is when somebody was sick, we couldn’t go visit them. And worse case, when somebody died from covid, we couldn’t show up and hug one another and mourn at a funeral,” said Shari Barr from the Statesboro city council.

While Barr recognizes the improvement in local pandemic numbers, she says they won’t take chances with this gathering, so social distancing will be in practice and masks will be required. For folks who still aren’t comfortable in a group setting, they’ll stream the memorial on the City of Statesboro Facebook and Youtube platforms.

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