Rep. Clyburn helps bring vaccine clinics to rural SC

Rep. Clyburn helps bring vaccine clinics to rural SC
(Source: WTOC)

YEMASSEE, S.C. (WTOC) - Hundreds of residents from Yemassee, S.C. were able to get their vaccine Thursday thanks to a push to bring a more vaccination clinics to rural areas.

“We have to take the vaccine to the people,” Rep. Jim Clyburn said.

Rep. Clyburn helped bring eight separate vaccination clinics to rural South Carolinians this week.

“We need to do better than setting up sites in the usual places.”

Friday’s clinic in Yemassee brought vaccination access to people who wouldn’t otherwise have it.

“I won’t have to travel so far. I have to travel 25 miles to get it. I’m about 3 miles from here,” resident Gettis Griffin said.

The mayor said bringing these options to patients was vital for those who wouldn’t be able to go to a larger site.

“A lot of them went and got that but then there was a significant number here in town that didn’t want to travel.”

About 200 one-dose shots were given.

“So, the Johnson and Johnson that we are doing here so we will be doing the rest of the week. In the hopes that he gets more people out this way.”

Rep. Clyburn hope’s more rural South Carolinians will take advantage of the opportunity and get the vaccine.

“This is a safe vaccine and it’s not worth the risk.”

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