Hilton Head town council to discuss renewing mask mandate

Hilton Head town council to discuss renewing mask mandate

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WTOC) - The Town of Hilton Head is looking ahead to the next time it has to vote on a new mask ordinance.

Many town council leaders are hoping they will not have to renew the ordinance but say they want to keep in mind how many people will be on Hilton Head as the busy travel season starts.

We are halfway through the current mask ordinance which requires people to wear masks in public spaces.

Hilton Head was hesitant at first to pass a mask ordinance when the pandemic began, but now that it is the norm, they say they will be looking towards the CDC and their other close by municipalities for guidance.

It has been nearly a year since Hilton Head first passed a mandatory mask ordinance. Since then, large signs have been installed across the island on some of the busiest roads to encourage visitors and those who live on the island to wear masks.

Now, as COVID-19 numbers continue to decline in the county and across the state, council members say they are hopeful they will not have to pass another ordinance. Their main concerns are that if they do not renew the mask ordinance, large events like the Heritage, or the busy spring break and travel season, bring people together and encourage unnecessary spread.

They say they will be keeping an eye on COVID numbers closely in the next few weeks as the next ordinance is set to be discussed.

“We are trying to be on the safe side. The numbers are coming down, but we are worried about a spike up. Our job is to make sure everybody is safe. That’s what it’s all about, safety. It’s not supposed to be a lesson, it’s safe. The businesses have been terrific on making things work, most of the residents have been terrific on making it work, we’re just being careful,” said Mayor John McCann.

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