Mass vaccination site at Gulfstream almost done with week 3 of operations

Mass vaccination site at Gulfstream almost done with week 3 of operations

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - More than 12,000 people have been vaccinated at the GEMA run mass vaccination site at Gulfstream in just their first three weeks of operation.

While things have been steady, they still have a lot of open appointments.

Week one they gave more than 2,100 shots, week two more than 5,300 and week three, or this week still with Friday and Saturday to be added, they are at more than 3,000.

They say it’s been steady. Their operations at the site haven’t changed much.

They still have about 50 guardsmen, 20 clinicians in addition to emergency management officials.

Leaders say on their busiest day they saw 1,300 people, but numbers in recent days haven’t exceeded 800.

This site still does allow you to come without an appointment, but they encourage you to go to to register.

They say it will move you through this site quickly and does reserve a dose for you.

As this is their third week of operations, they are beginning to administer second doses, so leaders say next week is already booking up for those appointments, but they accommodate several more first dose shots too.

They want to help as many people as they can, even those who may be hesitant.

“Our wait times are not long. You can come in, you can get registered for your shot and we can push you through so don’t let that be anything to block you from coming. I would recommend you check out the CDC and Department of Public Health’s website additionally you can contact your primary health care physician and they will help you out in making that decision,” said Collin Hopf, GEMA Site Manager.

GEMA officials say after the lunch hour is typically a slower time of the day and you will be able to get though the site easily.

When asked how this site compared to others, they said that wasn’t something they had right now, but there are people watching the numbers and will guide them to ramp up or down production, though they haven’t been given direction to change course at this point.

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