Construction impacting businesses on Broughton St.

Construction impacting businesses on Broughton St.

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Construction on Broughton Street has been going on much longer than first expected.

Area business owners are getting frustrated about the time it’s taking to finish and the impact it’s having on them.

Business owners and employees on Broughton Street say the ongoing construction has cost them business. They get little foot traffic from customers.

Friday morning one business says because of it, they weren’t able to open their doors.

“That’s just outrageous. To me it’s inconstruable that they’re eliminating whatever little business we have but now the ability to even open our own doors. That’s just next level,” said Alexandra Trujillo De Taylor, Co-Owner of Chocolat.

She says because the doors to her store open outward, they will not work with city installed ramps. She called and e-mailed the city and says her concerns were not addressed.

“To this day I haven’t heard anything from them and then we come in this morning and now we don’t even have a way to come in.”

She says she’s not sure if they’ll be able to open the store this weekend either.

Trujillo De Taylor and other employees on Broughton, like Dorian Weiss- with Kendra Scott, say residents and tourists have been very supportive of their businesses.

However, Weiss says sales have dropped by 25 percent solely due to construction.

“With tourists it’s really difficult to let them know that it’s coming to me with the construction. It’s a little intimidating especially for families with strollers and things like that, dangerous for elderly people so it’s very limiting and you can’t open the door. We can’t put it outside and double usually put out on the street to advertise and things like that,” said Weiss.

Susan Broker, the Director of the Office of Special Events, Film and Tourism for the City says all previous issues with construction have been addressed and advises businesses and residents living and working in the area to remain patient.

“We certainly understand that it’s difficult to live through construction but the city has provided resources to a team to respond to those difficulties so what we ask is all the property owners of along the route to be patient and to work with us,” said Broker.

Broker says the city will do it’s best to resolve issues and expect the first couple of blocks on Broughton to be complete April 30.

Businesses say they want more communication from the City and need them to assess how construction decisions continue to affect businesses.

Broker says they’ve hired an ambassador to make sure visitors know they can still access businesses on Broughton Street.

She also says the City has daily and weekly communication with businesses. The businesses we spoke to are also excited for the project to wrap up.

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