Savannah Police see increase in thefts from vehicles

Savannah Police see increase in thefts from vehicles
Savannah PD: Lock it or Lose it (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah Police are investigating more than 100 car break-ins over the past month, 30 of those were last week alone.

Police are once again reminding you to lock your car doors because thieves are mostly targeting unlocked cars. Whether in a parking lot, parking garage or just in your neighborhood, criminals will check for unlocked cars and just take whatever they can find inside.

Police say everything from laptops to spare change to firearms have been stolen. “Lock it or lose it,” said Samantha Sosbe from the Savannah Police Department. “We don’t want anyone to lose anything that they have worked hard for, we understand it does happen but if you can take the precaution. If we are going to work together as a community when we can’t be around, we need our community to be around and have those eyes for us.”

Police say it is likely you won’t get your items back but if you keep an inventory of serial numbers for your valuable items then police might have a better chance of recovering those items if taken to a pawn shop.

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