Lowcountry businesses feeling positive impact from RBC Heritage

Lowcountry businesses feeling positive impact from RBC Heritage

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Hilton Head has had a lot of tourists come through in the last few weeks and now, an entirely new group of people are on the island.

The busy spring break season is coming to an end on Hilton Head, but bars and restaurants say they’re seeing a new crowd come in thanks to the RBC Heritage.

“So the past couple weeks have been super super busy. It’s been probably been one of our busiest summers that we’ve had yet,” said Cynthia Lanney with Frosty Dog Cafe.

The beginning of April is swamped with families and spring breakers on Hilton head- But the middle of the month brings an entirely new group of people.

“There’s a lot less families, there’s a lot more golfers on the island, there’s a lot more of that kind of golfer crowd,” said Bern Torres with Big Bamboo Cafe.

Thousands of golfers, staff, and fans of the sport have gathered on the island for the golf tournament.

“It happens every year, you are kind of in that lag. In the winter, and then once everything comes in the spring, you know, it’s time to get your new hires, get people trained up, so we definitely had it rough for a little bit but we power through it and made the best of the situation.”

Which means businesses adapt to timing, and their clients. And of course televisions are tuned in to the tournament.

“If we see anything it’s usually towards the evening whenever all of those activities are done and they are coming over here and getting a drink after a long day on the golf course.”

But even though the RBC Heritage is a relatively short event, businesses say they believe it is just another in a long line of busy events for the season.

“Tourism is pretty high right now, I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. It seems like it’s going to be picking up quite a bit and it seems like the summer should be busy too.”

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