Lowcountry doctors discuss COVID-19 concerns

Lowcountry doctors discuss COVID-19 concerns
(Source: CNN)

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WTOC) - Millions of people across the nation have been vaccinated but many health leaders worry people will become too relaxed with protective guidelines.

“Medium and large group gatherings are still not recommended,” said Emergency Physician Patrick Snowman.

The CDC guidelines state if two people are fully vaccinated, meaning two weeks past their second dose, they are cleared to gather in small groups, usually 10 or less, without masks. But a few small variables can change that recommendation.

Doctors here on Hilton Head say if you need an indicator on why you should not be gathering in large groups, look no further than their very own emergency room.

“We’re seeing really busy volumes here in the emergency department which is reflective of all the people down here visiting.”

Doctors say spring travel to Hilton Head and the rest of the Lowcountry could mean more visitors with variant strains.

They warn someone who is fully vaccinated should still take precautions when gathering with friends or family who are not vaccinated.

“If you are fully vaccinated you can go to a household, for example a grandparent can go visit their grandchildren, as long as it’s one household of people without wearing a mask or physically distancing. So long as there’s nobody in that household who is at severe risk for severe disease.”

Overall, however, doctors say they just hope more people follow in the 80 percent of older people who are vaccinated.

“Let’s take a lesson from them and All jump on board and reach herd immunity.”

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