Beaufort Co. schools continue COVID precautions as students return from Spring Break

Beaufort Co. schools continue COVID precautions as students return from Spring Break

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Schools are still dealing with COVID-19 precautions every day, even as governments lift restrictions.

Beaufort County schools are back in session after being out for a week for spring break, but schools are still saying despite lower COVID-19 numbers since they are not able to keep track of where students went, they are not taking any precautions away.

COVID-19 cases are on the decline in Beaufort County. But schools are not planning on lifting restrictions anytime soon. At Hilton Head Middle School, students are still expected to wear masks, answer COVID-19 precaution questions, eat inside classrooms instead of the lunchroom, and walk on either side of the halls.

These precautions are continuing as more and more parents decide whether they will send their children back for the final quarter. Hilton Head Middle currently has about 75 to 80 percent in-person learning, and the principal hopes those numbers improve. She says those precautions should encourage parents to feel confident about allowing their children to learn in the classroom.

“I’m trying really hard to get the parents to see that the precautions that are in place make it safe for their kids, especially those students who are struggling maybe a little on the virtual side to kind of coax them a little bit, to give it a shot, to let their children come back in for this last quarter because we are concerned about you know, if there is a learning loss, can we help them recoup that at this point,” Hilton Head Middle School Principal Pat Frieda said.

The schools also say they will continue every COVID-19 precaution throughout the rest of the year so they can make sure they can finish out this very different here, safely.

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