Savannah pediatrician offering COVID-19 vaccine to patients

Savannah pediatrician offering COVID-19 vaccine to patients

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - COVID-19 vaccine clinics continue in our area.

While some appointments are going unbooked, others are filling up with intention.

Pediatric Associates of Savannah is joining local efforts to help vaccinate their patients, but doing so took some special efforts.

While they haven’t gotten their own shipment of vaccine yet, Memorial Health offered some of their Pfizer vaccine so Pediatric Associates of Savannah could help their patients ages 16 to 21. They held their first clinic this Saturday, vaccinating approximately 60 people.

Doctors say this opportunity to offer the COVID-19 vaccine was a great way to not only help patients, but also address hesitancy in a comfortable setting with trusted guidance. Their hope is to help families make the right decision.

“It’s really polarizing, we are seeing families that are so eager to get their kids their vaccine they want to get it younger than age 16 they are ready to go and we’re seeing families who are very hesitant who say oh it’s just to new and it’s too experimental and I’ve read on Facebook about side effects that I am worried about so we’re seeing it both ways the ones who are eager, we’re glad we can get them in, the ones who are hesitant we’re having those conversations daily to try to break open myths and get them in,” said Dr. Ben Spitalnick, Pediatrician.

Dr. Spitalnick says after a successful clinic they are preparing for when the vaccine is approved for children ages 12 to 16. He believes it could come within weeks and they will be ready.

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